Pole Dancing Tips for Beginners

Before you embark on your journey into the pole dancing world, you have to physically and mentally prepare yourself for the challenges about to come. As part of your preparation, take these tips to heart as these will guide you to become better at the craft.

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1) Prepare for injuries

Getting bruises and muscle aches are inevitable especially during the first few weeks on the dance pole. These are commonplace for beginners who are yet to build the needed muscles and callouses for pole dancing routines.

2) Have patience

Same with any activity, there will be times you’ll bump into difficult moves you won’t be able to accurately do during the first few tries. This is perfectly normal. You just have to keep trying and keep on practicing until you perfect it.

3) Using grip aids is not cheating

Some pole dancers think using grip aids or stack’ gloves are tantamount to cheating because these items enhance your grip on the pole. This is not necessarily true.
It usually is hard for beginners to maintain their grip on the pole because they lack the right techniques and they still have underdeveloped grip muscles. Some people, even professionals, suffer from sweaty hands which make it extremely difficult for them to maintain grip. Your capabilities on the dance pole will rely on your skills, techniques, and mastery of the moves.
Avoid becoming too dependent, though, on grip aids and continue to improve your grip through rigorous training.

4) Seek professional advice

Although it is possible to learn pole dancing at home through instructional videos and online classes, there’s no better way to jump into the basics than with the personal guidance from a professional instructor. From time to time, you’ll find moves that are difficult to do. Personal coaches can give you tips on how to efficiently tackle problematic dance moves and may even personally demonstrate it to you for faster comprehension.

5) Increase skin contact with the pole

Aside from its erotic effect, dancing in skimpy clothing allows more of your skin to come in connection with the dance pole. This will enable you to increase grip and friction on the pole by exposing the back of your knees, your armpits, and your legs.
Some manufacturers sell gloves and clothes that hamper your freedom to move on the pole for the sake of protecting your skin from bruises. As we’ve discussed, it’s normal to get pole burns and similar skin damages during the first few times you’re on the pole. This is part of the training which you should endure if you want to get better.

6) Avoid putting on moisturizers and other unapproved products

Avoid putting on moisturizers or any form of chemical on your skin before performing on the pole. These products will reduce your grip on the pole and may even cause you to slip from your hold, leading to injuries. Some products may even damage the pole’s finish, chipping away its effectiveness.
Use only recommended products like grip aids and specialized pole cleaners.

7) Learn it with someone

Learning new things with a friend can help boost confidence and increase your motivation to continue improving your pole dancing skills. Having a friend with similar interests in pole dancing gives you someone whom you can share your experiences and hardships with.

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